Cedar Shingle Roofs and Insurance Companies – Bryan Jones

Most homes constructed from the 1890’s through the mid 1950’s originally had roofs that were cedar shingles, not to be confused with cedar shake roofs. These shingles are about 3/8’s” thick at the end, smooth and usually installed over skip decking to allow them to dry evenly. Over the years Denver and other counties have allowed new composition roofs to be installed over these cedar shingles. Recently, because of the cost to remove all the layers of roofing and install new decking, underwriters for insurance carriers have issued a directive that new policies will not be written on these homes unless the roofs are replaced. If you are listing or buying an older home be aware of this new directive, as it has caused some serious transaction problems. Contact a qualified roofing contractor or Home Systems Data Inc. for more details and an inspection.

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